Full Biography

Matt Park

Vice President

Dacadoo Americas

Matt Park is Vice President of dacadoo americas, based in Boston, MA. Dacadoo is the "Health Score" company – providing a mobile-first digital health platform that helps people live healthier, more active lives. The dacadoo platform allows employers and partners to offer a fun, engaging experience that measures, coaches and improves people's health across three key dimensions: lifestyle, biometric and emotional well-being. Dacadoo takes inputs from a variety of tracking devices, as well as its own app and applies a research-backed, patented process to calculate a single, composite health score for each individual. Dacadoo's customers include large and mid-sized companies, health and life insurance companies, and health & wellness service organizations. Matt has 30 years’ experience as a Sales & Marketing executive in the software industry, including 15 years working in the Human Resources/Talent Management space with SAP, Successfactors, Jobs2Web and Softscape.


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