‘Hyper Wellbeing’ is a Summit to Foster an
Emerging Consumer Technology Industry


It will be a single-track event in order to promote a more engaging “conversational structure”. There will be ~65 speakers.

Many of the speakers will hold CEO/CTO and/or founder positions. They will come from across a number of industries and disciplines.


‘Hyper wellbeing’ is a summit to foster an emerging consumer technology industry. Consumer data-driven health, wellness and lifestyle optimization plus disease risk reduction. It represents a power shift towards the consumer and the future of mobile, wearables, health and wellness.

It is a consumer revolution that will restructure healthcare, redefine the meaning of health and rewrite the boundary of wellness. It is where value is shifting to and where additional value will be created.

Today it is manifesting as a conglomerate of medicalization of the smartphone; the impending upgrade to clinical-grade sensors in wearables, within smartphones and within a burgeoning market of smartphone peripherals; the explosion of health, fitness and wellness apps; the rise of connected fitness and wellness consumer electronics; the consumerization of healthcare and medical devices.

Moving the Needle Towards Optimal Health & Flourishing

The emerging industry is Wellness as a Service (WaaS). Today consumers subscribe to mobile network operators for minutes, messages and megabytes or for example, cloud computing in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS). WaaS represents health and wellness consumer devices (e.g. wearables) and/or apps, increasingly coupled to subscription based health, wellness and lifestyle services.

Rather than being focused upon “digital sickcare” e.g. medication adherence devices, telemedicine, disease management apps etc. it is instead focused upon empowering the consumer to reduce risk of non-communicable diseases and to upgrade their health, wellness, fitness and longevity on an ongoing basis.

A New Industry Category: Wellness as a Service

It is the converse of the existing trend of healthcare moving towards digitization; computer and data science instead moving towards health. It is for the majority of the people instead of only patients, a new high-growth sector of economic activity and a new realm of human endeavor. Learn More

PC was 'hyper productivity'. Smartphone is 'hyper presence'. Wearables will be 'hyper wellbeing'.