Full Biography

Maryam Ziaei


iSono Health

Maryam is an entrepreneur and engineer passionate about development of connected health solutions that empower consumers to both monitor and make smart decisions about their health. Maryam is co-founder and CEO of iSono Health with a vision empower consumers to take charge of their health through proactive screening. iSono Health is democratizing breast cancer screening by developing an automated ultrasound platform that combined with artificial intelligence empowers all women with regular breast health monitoring to help with early detection of breast cancer. Maryam has over 14 years of research and industrial experience in development of micro and nanoscale devices and systems for high volume consumer markets. She has led engineering teams in both design and manufacturing. She has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford and a degree in global entrepreneurship at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Maryam has several peer-reviewed publications and patents in the area of micro devices and systems. She regularly serves as reviewer for journals, on the technical program committees and has served as a reviewer for NSF and other agencies. She holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and also completed an entrepreneurship degree at Stanford Graduate School of Business.


| Empowering Consumer with Smart Devices and Smart Data for Proactive ‘Health Care’ |