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  • DayMonday
  • Time12:05 - 12:20
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Empowering Consumer with Smart Devices and Smart Data for Proactive ‘Health Care’

Maryam Ziaei iSono Health

The future of patient-centered healthcare is increasingly migrating from medical centers to home. The focus of this talk will be on personalized, proactive, and predictive solutions that will allow for better care and better value resulting in better health. There are many solutions disrupting healthcare such as connected medical home, nano medicine, robotics, and genomics. The future of patient-centric healthcare at home will be led by smart device, smart connected system, and smart “big” data. The key to delivering real results will however, be closing the loop with end-to-end analytics and actionable insights.

Today there are many smart sensors integrated with mobile technology measuring many different biometrics and vital signs. The presence of these devices will lead to massive amounts of patient-generated data. Smart management and integration of this data will allow for personalized monitoring solutions that can track changes in health. Artificial intelligence in healthcare will allow us to make sense of this data and make smart predictions about our health.

iSono Health is developing a platform for regular and accessible breast health monitoring to help with early detection of breast cancer. Our platform combines automated ultrasound with AI to identify and track any abnormal changes in breast tissue over time. With our system women can conveniently and proactively monitor their breast health for only 2 minutes, without any radiation, and receive early, actionable feedback.