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Mark Rolston



Mark Rolston, Cofounder and Chief Creative Officer of argodesign, is a renowned designer with a 25-year career of creating for the world’s largest and most innovative companies. An early pioneer of software user experience, Mark helped forge the disciplines around user interface design and mobile platforms. His focus on groundbreaking user experience continues today, as he addresses the modern challenge of design beyond the visible artifact – in the realm of behavior, the interaction between human and machine, and other unseen elements. Prior to founding argodesign, Mark served as Chief Creative Officer of frogdesign, founding the firm’s software business and guiding its transformation into a modern strategic design organization. A veteran design leader, innovator and patent holder, Mark is an internationally recognized expert and valued advisor on software, experience design, emerging computing platforms, and mobile applications. Mark serves on the advisory boards of Trusted Innovators and Cognitive Advisors, he is one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People, and he was nominated as Fast Company’s World’s Greatest Designer of 2014. He lives and breathes design, craftsmanship, and building useful and enjoyable experiences of all types.


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