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Meta-Me. The Emerging Digital Self

Mark Rolston argodesign

We are now entering an era of quantification and automation. Every person, place, and thing is being written about, annotated, digitized, and automated. Machines and services are designed to serve our new analog and digital composite selves: the “Meta Me.” What does Meta Me mean for our ability to live healthy, happy, and self-determined lives?

Every business and everyone will use machine intelligence to chase the digital breadcrumbs to connect with, understand, and influence your increasingly digital self. AI Chat bots will enable your meta self to operate in more independent and human ways. We will continue to invent more digital ways to connect, eventually engaging robot to robot. Our personal identities are central to our personalities, self worth and self determination. What happens when our immutable analog identities are stretched and morphed across innumerable digital expressions and take on more automated behavior?

In this talk Mark will discuss the impacts of ubiquitous computing, invisible interfaces, and machine intelligence on our own identities. Let’s explore where all this is headed. What happens when Form Follows Me?