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Jocelyn Scheirer



Jocelyn Scheirer has been guiding innovation in wearables for almost 20 years. She began her initial explorations in the industry while a student at MIT’s Media Lab where she developed her first wearable objects and interactive art exhibitions. She has authored and co-authored numerous articles and papers on affective computing and sensing technology and presented at many national industry-related conferences. She has served as a research analyst at Harvard University and as a consultant to different departments at MIT.

Starting in an office a few meters down from the famed fathers of Wearable Computing, Jocelyn spent the mid to late 1990’s, along with several other female counterparts, living women’s “Herstory” of wearables. She blends her experience as a media artist and designer with a deep knowledge and experience in scientific practice and methodology.

Her work has appeared in many galleries and museum settings, as well as Time Magazine, NOVA, The Boston Globe, WIRED Magazine and WIRED UK, Computer Graphics World, and other publications.

In 2009, she co-founded and served as director of operations for Affectiva, a company dedicated to digitizing emotion with the largest database of facial expressions ever collected. Her current company, Bionolux, supports the research and development of her wearable prototypes. Last year she won a Verizon Connected Futures grant to collaborate with NYU’s Media Research Lab on wearables in Virtual Reality, and collaborated this year with NASA on VR studies. She currently lectures at Brandeis University in Waltham, MA.


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