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  • DayMonday
  • Time14:30 - 14:45
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The Future is Virtual: Why Every Health Sensor Company Should Be Making a VR API

Jocelyn Scheirer Bionolux

Virtual Reality is gaining wild momentum as the latest technology revolution, heralded as anything ranging from a new type of cinema to the way we will experience computer interfaces in the future. It’s poised to affect many vertical markets — health and wellness being one of the central and most rich areas for exploration and opportunity.

In this session we will explore examples of how wearables are already being used in virtual and augmented reality interfaces, both in real-life applications, and in experimental research. Further, we’ll examine the affordances for both physical health and mental health, and in particular how wearable biosensors act as the bridge between the body and the virtual environment.

Lastly, we’ll look out at far futures media, brain, and other medical research and try to understand how sensor-based technology companies can plan product development to align with where this field is headed.