Full Biography

Amit Garg

Venture Capitalist


I am currently a Principal at Samsung Global Innovation Center, which houses our early-stage investment arm, headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley. I focus on software especially Internet / consumer technologies, investing $250K to $3M in seed, series A or B, and helping them partner with Samsung to grow and make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

I co-lead our thesis on mobility and lead our thesis on digital health and consumer IoT. Some of my investments include UniKey (http://unikey.com, smart locks), nuTonomy (http://nutonomy.com, self-driving cars), BioBeats (http://biobeats.com, machine learning for human well-being) and Glooko (http://glooko.com, platform for diabetes management).

I have previously spent 10 years in Silicon Valley running my own startup, as a VC at Norwest Ventures, and doing product and analytics at Google. My academic training is BS in computer science and MS in biomedical informatics, both from Stanford, and MBA from Harvard. I speak natively 3 languages, live carbon-neutral, am a 70.3 Ironman finisher, and have built a hospital in rural India serving 100,000 people.


| The Internet of Health: Intelligence is the Key |