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  • DayMonday
  • Time16:45 - 17:00
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The Internet of Health: Intelligence is the Key

Amit Garg Samsung

We see Internet of Things (IoT) coming up in both consumer and industrial settings, offering new services and creating new business models.

We are now entering a stage where health applications are creating their own category — the Internet of Health (IoH) is here. IoH has become a catchphrase for everything from self-driving cars that detect your biometrics to tiny sensors we swallow like pills, but bottomline this category is growing fast and expected to cross $100B in value within 4 years.

The key enabler for IoH to succeed is intelligence and we will specifically talk about three trends:

  1. how there is an oversupply of mobile health apps and what that means for you as both a publisher and a user
  2. an increasing consumer appetite for purchasing devices and how they need to be not just connected but smart
  3. how physicians themselves are becoming more savvy about digital and are important influencers

The talk will also highlight some examples and end with some challenges to consider.