Polina Mamoshina

Chief Scientist/COO

Deep Longevity


Dr. Polina Mamoshina received her Doctor in Philosophy degree from the Computer Science Department of the University of Oxford. She was leading the applied artificial intelligence in biomarker discovery as a Head of Biomarker Development at Insilico Medicine. Insilico Medicine spun off the new company dedicated to biomarker development, Deep Longevity. Dr. Mamoshina is leading the research and operations of Deep Longevity.

Her expertise includes algorithm design, machine learning, and bioinformatics. She has published over 20 peer-reviewed publications in the area of longevity and machine learning, and first author of seminal papers on deep learned biomarkers of aging, co-author of ‘Biomarkers of Human Aging’ book (Springer, 2020). She is a member of the editorial boards of Frontiers in Genetics of Aging and Frontiers in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Her current h-index 15 as calculated by Google Scholar.

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