Tom Stubbs

Epigenetic Health Monitoring to Reduce Your Future Illness Risk – EP13: Tom Stubbs (Chronomics)

In this thirteenth episode, Tom Stubbs, Co-Founder/CEO of Chronomics starts with introducing epigenetics. He describes the technology and expertise that he’s brought together to create the only company in the world advancing the forefront of epigenetic biomarkers.

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He explains how their A.I. based health biomarker engine will be used to reduce your risk of future illness.

Topics we discussed in this episode
  • Focus of Chronomics
  • Epigenetic sequencing
  • Epigenetic ideal data type for preventive health
  • Epigenetics ideal for figuring out age-related and chronic conditions
  • Genomics and epigenetics provide complimentary data
  • Histone methylation
  • DNA methylation
  • MTHFR gene
  • CpG sites
  • Chronomics health biomarker engine
  • Epigenetics and aging
  • Blood vs saliva as an epigenetic sampling type
  • Arrays vs next-generation sequencing
  • Why epigenetics is a fantastic data type
  • Developing unique epigenetic signatures or biomarkers
  • Polygenic risk scores
  • Biological age and epigenetic clocks
  • Using blood vs saliva for epigenetic clock input
  • Arrays vs sequencing for epigenetic clock input
  • Genetics vs epigenetics
  • Leveraging epigenetics to personalize pharmaceutical agent or drug intervention risk/reward
  • Leveraging epigenetics to personalize rejuvenation therapy or longevity compound reward decisions
  • Ending flying blind as to whether things have a positive impact or a negative impact on your health
  • Providing people with access to their molecular level biological data
  • Ability to retain that immortality across the human existence
  • Epigenetics in utero mechanisms
  • Epigenetics across generations
  • Epigenetic memory
  • IPS reprogramming
  • Dietary interventions on rate of biological aging
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