Jeffrey Kaditz

Multiscale Digital Models of Human Biology, Turning Health into a Hard Science – EP12: Jeff Kaditz (Q Bio)

In this twelfth episode, Jeff Kaditz, Founder/CEO of Q Bio begins with coronavirus chat. He goes on to explain that most medical knowledge today is probably incorrect or heavily biased. That there’s almost nothing a doctor does that couldn’t have been done 200 years ago in terms of the information.

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He presents his vision to run ‘search engines for the body’ and turn healthcare into hard science.

Topics we discussed in this episode
  • Coronavirus possibly a once in a hundred year pandemic unfolding
  • Present confusion around the impact of coronavirus
  • Home tests for coronavirus
  • Need for an analytics platform for measuring change in the human body
  • Human health is more of a long tail distribution than a normal distribution
  • Absurdity that we reduce complicated diseases to a single variable measured at a single point in time
  • Applying modern information theory and data science to understanding human health
  • Physical exam of the future gathers genetic, chemical and structural information
  • Building a healthcare system that actually gets better and more efficient over time
  • Transforming healthcare and health into hard science and an information science
  • Getting to the point of being able to test body hypotheticals
  • Envisioning a triage layer in front of the existing primary care system
  • Building the ultimate clinical decision support tool for the future
  • Clinical studies are flawed
  • The more people that have lived, the better we should be at understanding what’s going on in our bodies
  • Age of the digitization of biology
  • Lab assays bake the query into the assay
  • In the near future the query becomes software, not the actual physical process of gathering information
  • Will become feasible and cheap to just measure everything about the human body on some regular interval
  • Healthcare will truly become a pure information science
  • Most medical knowledge today is probably incorrect and it’s probably heavily biased
  • Need to take multi-scale measurements like physics does
  • No reason why we shouldn’t be able to stay as young as we want indefinitely
  • Body is an entropy fighting system which eventually loses the battle
  • The end goal should be getting to more proactive or preventative medicine
  • In the future we will know why we got sick
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