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Expertise at the intersection of devices, AI, apps and mobile with biology, health and wellness

Machines are moving steadfast along a path to know humans better than humans. They’re also on a path of complex integration with humans.

The rise of machine intelligence and human-machine convergence are driving Wellness-as-a-Service (WaaS).

Whereas healthcare is undergoing digitization, WaaS embodies the converse trend; computer and data science moving towards health and wellness. It represents an emerging industry.

One that will provide consumer and data-driven disease prevention, life extension and health optimization. The market need and size is comparable to the arrival of the PC or smartphone.

Mobile, healthcare, genomics, fitness, wearables, medical devices, pharmaceutical, clinical labs, personalized nutrition, life extension and insurance will converge, overlap and collide as new value chains are created. Partner with us.


Gain independent counsel and with a panoramic market view for your project. Recent examples:

  • Ascertain methods of obtaining users’ biological age for incorporation into a mobile nutrition app. Determine whether dietary changes are accelerating or decelerating aging.
  • Compile lists of anti-aging molecular agents, rank and segment according to user goals and start position.
    Then prototype an app to help users select and order their optimal molecular agents (e.g. berberine).
  • Design a home metabolism blood test kit, arrange postal logistics and ensure that test results appear in a mobile wellness app.
  • Investigate feasibility of launching an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for a health insurance entrant. The currency would be used to reward a myriad of healthy behaviors.

Market Intelligence

As the market surges forward, we track it so you don't have to dedicate personnel. For example:

  • Check daily for any in-app changes within all top 120 health and wellness apps. All changes are recorded and annotated. This lets us determine for example changing UI trends to granular changes in strategic direction.
  • Cyclically test all top 30 health and wellness devices (from continuous glucose monitors to sleep quality trackers) and any associated companion apps.
  • Check twice daily for notable new market entrants, ranging from new wearable device projects to primary care organizations offering data underpinned prevention services.
  • Periodically test the top 20 direct-to-consumer health and wellness services (from genomics to telomere lengths). Experiences across all touchpoints are recorded and annotated.


Held onsite worldwide. Ranging from a few hours to a few days. Often CxO level. For example:

  • Human-as-a-Platform for consumer electronics companies.
  • Wellness-as-a-Service for the life insurance industry.
  • Decentralization and consumerization of healthcare for healthcare organizations
  • Human-machine convergence for mobile and wearables.