Full Biography

Riaan Conradie



Riaan, co-founder of HealthQ and LifeQ, spent the past years focusing his entrepreneurial energies on his most committed vision:  to create a truly democratized self perpetuating health ecosystem, underpinned by computational biology, to dramatically improve health and wellbeing.

Riaan’s passion for systems has led him to develop a deep understanding of a wide variety of fields, spanning all the way from biology and physics to business ecosystems and networks. With an ability to find the underlying principles that connect disciplines, Riaan is able to convey the consequences of these connections with contagious enthusiasm. 

In his past role as CEO of HealthQ, Riaan (who also holds a PhD in Biochemistry) built a multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers in the heart of the Stellenbosch winelands in South Africa.  This team continues to test and industrialize new life science based technologies that has the promise to dramatically improve human health.  HealthQ has been voted most innovative company in South Africa by Fast Company.

In his current role as COO of LifeQ, Riaan is again focusing on building a highly multidisciplinary team of experts towards driving the core vision of dramatically improved individual and societal health and wellbeing.  


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