Full Biography

Laila Zemrani



Laila is Co-founder and CEO at Fitnescity, a pioneer in Personalized Wellness. Fitnescity is on a mission to improve wellness outcomes. Founded by a team of research scientists and wellness professionals from Stanford and MIT, Fitnescity offers data-driven wellness coaching that uses insights from the individual’s unique data —physiology, history and lifestyle— to personalize wellness. Laila co-founded Fitnescity after experiencing first-hand the inefficiencies of one-size- fits-all wellness as a trainer. Laila’s work has since then been focused on understanding the impact of data collection on wellness outcomes. Laila has an MBA from MIT Sloan. As an undergraduate, she studied management and electrical engineering at Télécom ParisTech. Laila was named a Legatum fellow in Entrepreneurial Leadership and a MasterCard Foundation fellow at MIT. Prior to Fitnescity, Laila was a founding employee at Dataxis, a global data analysis firm, and a management consultant.


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