Full Biography

Jim Doscher

GM Healthcare

Analog Devices

Jim has worked at Analog Devices for his entire career, starting in 1982. He is currently the GM of Healthcare, and focuses on medical imaging, diagnostics, vital signs monitoring and the new emerging area of mobile health devices. In addition, he has responsibility for ADI’s optical sensor strategy. Since 2005, Jim has acted in the role of product line director for a variety of groups including High Speed Linear, Isolation (ISO), Wireline (including fiber optics, SERDES and JESD204B), Optical Communications and Optical Sensors. Previous to that, he spent 10 years in marketing roles during the start- up of the MEMs group starting with Airbag sensing, moving to consumer and industrial applications and finally to optical MEMs. He spent several years bringing TQM techniques into ADI in the early 90’s. Jim started as a product and test engineer working on linear components.


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