Full Biography

Ingrid Edshteyn

Associate Exec Director/Founder

ACLM/Valia Lifestyle

Ingrid Edshteyn is a Preventive Medicine physician dedicated to trailblazing an integrated approach to medicine and wellness. As the Associate Executive Director of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM), the nation’s professional society advocating for and implementing evidence-based wellness at all levels in the health system, she manages strategic partnerships and educational content development. The ACLM is comprised of members who are passionate about the urgent need to transform health and healthcare with Lifestyle Medicine, which involves the therapeutic use of lifestyle interventions such as a predominately whole food, plant-based diet, exercise, and stress management to prevent, treat, and reverse lifestyle-related chronic disease. Having been a part of this movement since medical school, serving on the Executive Board of ACLM during residency, and understanding the population health impact at Columbia University in their Executive MPH, she knows that empowering patients will be the key to the successful evolution of the wellness paradigm.

During Preventive Medicine training, she co-founded the Wellness for Life program as part of Griffin Hospital’s Center for Prevention & Lifestyle Management, a comprehensive lifestyle change program for patients and the community, with potential for expansion as part of the a value-based care strategy across multiple health systems. She has presented the successful results of this program at the World Health Organization Health Promoting Hospitals 2016 conference. She presents regularly on topics within Lifestyle Medicine at national conferences, including the American College of Preventive Medicine and Medical Fitness Association annual meetings. Most recently, she was involved with the development of the inaugural South Korean Lifestyle Medicine conference, part of the larger movement internationally within the Global Lifestyle Medicine Alliance.

Her clinical practice in Manhattan, Valia Lifestyle, integrates functional and lifestyle medicine with a team of specialists in nutrition, fitness and mind body medicine enabling a precision wellness approach to optimal health for body and mind.


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