Full Biography

David Benaron

Chief Medical Officer


Dr. David Benaron is Chief Medical Officer at Jawbone.

He is a cum laude graduate of Harvard Medical School and M.I.T. with a medical specialization in Intensive Care and Health technology. He completed both a National Institutes of Health Physiology fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied the non-invasive monitoring of metabolism, and an Intensive Care fellowship at Stanford, where he practiced for 10 years.

His goal is to help people live longer and healthier by enabling big data approaches to predicting individuals’ health risks, and to incorporate continuous contextual monitoring into accurate wearable devices for our daily lives. He has led efforts in noninvasive approaches to detect cancer, heart function, lung function, and diabetes, especially into portable or wearable systems.

Prior to joining Jawbone in 2015, he co-founded multiple biotech ventures, leading to FDA approval, public offering, and/or acquisition, including Xenogen which pioneered the optical labeling of cells using light emitting genes, and Spectros which developed noninvasive optical sensing for monitoring the body.

He holds over 50 US and international patents, and has authored over 100 original research papers and chapters. He was admitted into the Stanford Inventor Hall of Fame and received the Tibbetts award from Congress for his translation of research to devices available commercially. He retains a consulting professorship at Stanford University School of Medicine.


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