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Optimizing your Health at Home using your Blood and your Smartphone

Bob Messerschmidt Cor

One of the most important changes in health and medicine is the drive toward actionable data-driven insights and interventions. The need is undeniable. The future of healthcare is increasingly about prevention and reversal of chronic conditions In the future, your health care provider will be less well trained, younger, less experienced. He/she will be less likely to have the wisdom of the ages, that almost instinctive ability to diagnose, that we have come to rely on. This model no longer works, if it ever did. PCPs these days have 10 minutes with each patient. It takes 45 minutes just to get a proper blood pressure! The doctor’s office will more and more become the place for emergent medical conditions only. Health and wellness will, with the power of technology including smartphone, move into the workplace and the home.

In the future, there will be no magazine issues with glossy photos proclaiming your city’s “top doctors.” There will be no need. In the future, everybody will have access to a data-driven health guidance plan, and the data will speak the truth.

And where will this data come from? From you of course. Mostly from your molecules. Sometimes from your DNA, but most importantly from your blood. Blood has always been the gold standard for health – this will not change. But the answers will become more immediate, more frequent, and more validated. In the most streamlined process, answers and insights will arrive on your phone, from a snapshot reader in your home, that you supply with a microdrop of blood. The price for these answers will be a simple alternate site ‘prick’ followed by rapid spectroscopic chemical analysis.

Rapid, simple, in-home blood-tests will change the heart of medicine from hard-earned expertise to data-driven automation, and this will happen because this approach is scalable to benefit everyone.