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  • DayMonday
  • Time12:20 - 12:35
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Closing the Loop: from Measuring to Improving Wellbeing with a Wearable Smart Patch

Rohan Dixit Lief

Today’s wearable sensors track biomarkers of stress, but radical breakthroughs in consumer wellness are coming from technologies that can “close the loop”, providing clinical-grade, discreet biofeedback to users to improve emotional self-regulation.

Our current understanding of emotion is the brain and body are in a tight feedback loop. By intervening in negative emotional states at the level of the body, biofeedback research shows it’s possible to partially break this loop, promoting greater long-term emotional resiliency and wellbeing.

I’ll go over some of the current research in using heart rate and heart rate variability biofeedback to decrease clinical anxiety, as well as data on our Lief smart patch’s effect on stress. I’ll end with a sneak peek of our forthcoming consumer product launching on Kickstarter in a few days.