Stephen J. Matlin

You Should Measure the Length of Your Critically-Short Telomeres – EP19: Stephen Matlin (Life Length)

In this nineteenth episode, Stephen Matlin introduces telomere biology. He details how testing services typically use Q-PCR which provides an average telomere length and why that doesn’t really mean anything.

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Instead the percentage of critically-short, measured using Q-FISH, does. Finally he chats about supplements – telomerase inducers – for growth.

Topics we discussed in this episode
  • Introduction to telomere biology
  • Hayflick limit, senescent cells, apoptosis
  • Telomeres and the hallmarks of aging
  • Quantitative PCR derived average telomere length vs shortest telomeres
  • Coefficient of variation of lab samples
  • Role of supplements in supporting our telomeres and overall biological function
  • Declining nutrition in even vegetables
  • Telomerase inducers TA-65 and TAM-818
  • Telomerase enzyme
  • Henrietta Lacks cells, cancer and the Hayflick limit
  • Telomerase supplements and cancer
  • Telomerase inducer Telomere Benefits™
  • Providing biological age scores using telomere measurements
  • Telomere length and correlation with healthspan
  • Improving upon biomarker Prostate Specific Antigen with Prostate Telomere Associate Variance
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