Liz Parrish

Genetically Modifying Humans to Reverse Aging – Today – EP15: Liz Parrish (BioViva)

In this fifteenth episode, Liz Parrish shares her quest for radical life extension and details her two completed gene therapies.

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She describes the regenerative medical tourism available today for increased lifespan and costs. She relates her company’s mission to create a human that regenerates faster than they degenerate. She details her upcoming gene therapies, including upgraded IQ.

Topics we discussed in this episode
  • Making controversial medical history
  • Quest for radically increased longevity
  • Upregulating telomerase, hTERT
  • Downregulates myostatin, follistatin
  • Interest in regenerative medicine technologies
  • Desire to help billions of people
  • Comany goal to create a human that regenerates faster than they degenerate
  • PGC-1α
  • BioViva’s DNA methylation kit
  • Plan to look at multiple aging clocks
  • Regenerative medical tourism
  • Childhood ambition
  • Space travel and gene therapy are intertwined
  • Personal goals
  • Morphological freedom
  • Hope for the future
  • Being of optimistic nature
  • Gene therapy – dystopian or utopian?
  • Gene therapy costs
  • Societal health stratification
  • Making humans more malleable like software
  • What is gene therapy?
  • Gene delivery and viral vectors
  • Next personal gene therapy – Klotho
  • Next personal gene therapy – PGC-1α
  • Developing New Viral Vectors
  • Apo-A1 Milano
  • Adeno-Associated Virus (AVV. AAV-2)
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