Jeremy Malecha

Streamlining Functional Medicine Starting With Data Consolidation – EP10: Jeremy Malecha (Biocanic)

In this tenth episode, Jeremy Malecha discusses his company plans to democratize and scale functional medicine by more effective data processing.

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He discusses the need to consolidate data across hundreds of lab test lab providers, structuring of that data and finally the ability to better leverage the data. He discusses his own personal health journey along the way.

Topics we discussed in this episode
  • Plan to build a “personalized health engine” to democratize and speed-up functional medicine resolutions to patient symptoms
  • What functional medicine is
  • Some common blood biomarkers
  • Jeremy’s personal health journal from sub-optimal to resolution
  • Other functional medicine tests including microbiome, heavy metals and DUTCH
  • The overly manual and therefore inefficient nature of functional medicine presently
  • The need to consolidate the data from all the different labs
  • Enabling the practitioner understand and process the data faster
  • Trying to have machine help give meaning over multiple lab provider results
  • Moving beyond “tribal knowledge” to something more grounded in data and explicit
  • Food sensitivity testing
  • Labs are not unlocking value in their data repository
  • Business model in data collected from all labs
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