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An Engineer’s Guide to Staying Alive for Longer & Preventing Disease – EP03: Ivor Cummins (IHDA)

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In this third episode, Ivor Cummins, Chief Program Manager of Irish Heart Disease Awareness (IHDA), shares why as a top class engineer he’s been decoding the causes of human chronic disease and obesity. He relates why orthodox healthcare is unnecessarily putting our health and lives at risk. He imparts what we can do ourselves to predict and prevent modern disease.

Topics we discussed in this episode
  • Ivor’s blood chemistry showing high serum ferritin, Gamma-Glutamyl Transferase (GGT) and cholesterol
  • Ivor’s inability to get answers about the root cause of the high markers, nor any quantification of any increased morbidity or mortality
  • His search for answers and the answer itself
  • His serendipitous discovery that the risk markers used by orthodox healthcare are weak let alone optimal, even deeply misleading
  • Better risk markers for morbidity and mortality prediction
  • Serendipitously meeting David Bobbett who also had an axe to grind with orthodox healthcare after he discovered using his own efforts that he was very high risk, after being told he was low risk by healthcare
  • The use of generic risk factor algorithms by orthodox healthcare and why they are not good enough
  • Medications are often a very weak intervention e.g. little effect on all-cause mortality
  • Correct diet and lifestyle is a more powerful intervention as it addresses the root cause
  • Dietary root causes – primarily refined sugars, refined carbohydrates and vegetable oils (the three building blocks of manufactured “food like” products)
  • Mixture of refined carbohydrates and fats is the least optimum for longevity and healthspan
  • There is no more important factor in weight loss and longevity than your insulin status
  • The bar where orthodox healthcare puts diabetes and diabetic physiology is very late in the diabetic journey, whereas it could be caught 15 years earlier
  • The majority of the American adult population have diabetic physiology; the majority share this single metabolic disease
  • Most doctors are not aware of insulin resistance outside the context of diabetes nor aware of insulin as a disease cause, only a medication
  • Diabetic physiology is linked to fatty liver, obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, many cancers; in fact all modern chronic diseases
  • Orthodox healthcare is using glucose to determine diabetic status, whereas it should be using insulin, particularly post-prandial insulin
  • Use of HOMA calculation as a cheap yet better measure of diabetic physiology
  • Use of Kraft-Assay as the gold standard to measure of diabetic physiology
  • Total cholesterol is a very poor risk marker
  • LDL, the “bad” cholesterol is a very poor independent risk marker
  • High resolution LDL analysis (LIPOPRINT/NMR)
  • Bypassing fuzzy risk markers and guesses by using the Coronary Calcium Score (CAC) to see the disease directly
  • The four types of people – it’s the metabolically unhealthy, thin outside, fat inside (TOFI) at the four who are most risk
  • The orthodox intervention, low fat diets and vegetable oils, will probably just hasten your demise.
  • Nutritional guidelines have been based upon junk science and have only exacerbated chronic disease and obesity
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